How do you care for your skin at home? There are people who fall into two categories. There are minimalists, who uses facial cleanser or soap and a put on a little moisturiser before bed. This approach will do nothing to preserve their skin and keep it looking young and then there are product junkies who cannot resist the extreme claims and promises of the beauty trap sales machine. Their skin care regimens are elaborate and time consuming but despite their efforts, nothing seems to give them the results they want.  

I advise basic three step method – Step 1, Polish; Step 2, Cleanse; Step 3, Nourish. This method is simple and delivers the promise of transforming your skin. You will achieve a vibrant glow and youthful fullness to your complexion for a moderate investment of time and money with Rose & Olive’s skincare products range. This basic method is so effective that some people see improvements in as little as three to five days.  

What is so unique about Rose & Olive’s products and skin regimen? 

  1. Works for all skin types and ethnicities 
  2. Targets the epidermis, signaling a cascade of reparative action down to the dermis 
  3. Actually triggers skin cells to turn over more quickly, so skin repairs itself. 
  4. Helps address a range of skin issues and complaints without using harsh chemicals or drying irritants. 

        *If you have acne, rosacea, or sensitive skin you will use different skincare products, but the regimen remains the same.  

        Remember, the skin must be stimulated to repair itself! You will start by exfoliating or polishing the skin, using our Mint exfoliating facial polish. Exfoliation creates “controlled injury”. Gentle exfoliations send the message to the dermis that repair should begin, and fresh cells are needed. When you are young, facial cells renewal occurs at a rapid pace, which is why young skin looks so vibrant and dewy. As you age, the process slows down. The controlled injury achieved by exfoliating turns back the clock by reenergizing the repair process, giving skin longer, fresher look. You will be polishing only once a day – that is all you need to stimulate your skin. I suggest you exfoliate at night before you go to bed. Your skin repairs more effectively while you sleep. If you exfoliate at night, you will skip the step in the morning. You will replace the polish step by adding sunscreen at the end of the morning routine. Please remove all cosmetics before you polish at night. Use our makeup remover solution, which is vegan, Paraben-free and gentle to your skin 

        The second step is cleanse. You want to remove any makeup and sunscreen that remain, plus dirt and bacteria yet you do not want to strip your skin completely leaving it dry and irritated. You will need to keep the skin’s natural oils intact. Use our Vitamin C cleanser enriched with the goodness of green tea, vitamins A and E along with ginkgo biloba leaf extract which gives boost to the cell renewal process and adjust the pH of the skin to prepare it for nourishment.  

        The third step is nourish. Nourishers come in many forms, including lotion, cream, and serum formulations. The single most important ingredient of the nourishing step is anti-oxidants. Vitamin C is an antioxidant which helps stop free radicals created by sun exposure from doing damage and may even provide a barrier to the sun’s rays. Use our Vitamin C lotion which protects collagen and stimulates fibroblasts to produce more.  

        The third step in morning routine is Protect. Sun exposure accelerates skin aging. Protection from UV rays must be part of your daily routine. Use our Foundation with SPF in your preferred color shade which has breathable coverage and SPF 15 to stay protected from the sun and be ever ready to face the world. 


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